about fake[dac~]

history and origins

fake[dac~] is an event brand and blog designed to give multi-media artists and performers working at the intersection of art and technology the chance to collaborate, share ideas and work and to perform to a captive audience. Audio visual artists, VJ's, artists working with generative ai and live coders are not widely understood or supported by mainstream culture in the same way commercial DJ's and musicians are.

fake[dac~] (pronounced fakedack) is a combination of the words "fake" and "digital to audio converter or dac~" which is a rubbish joke m-onz came up with playing around with pure data objects. You will see pure data patch cables used in posters and referenced because pure data is an important and influential open source programming language for multimedia artists.

There is a diverse and vibrant scene of technologies, art forms and algorithmic practice including "algorave" (algorithmic rave), generative ai, audio visual performance and DJ's performing alongside VJ's (visual artists). fake[dac~] was created by lifelong friends luis sanz & m-onz (pronounced "monz") out of their shared interest in bringing together disparate scenes and energy and encouraging everyone to play nicely together.